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Antonio Moura Santos – “Doll Miiass” – (Tales “grandmother”) Portugal

Antonio Moura Santos - Hkllh- A Portuguese story by Vasconcelos Monteiro

Antonio Moura Santos – “Doll Miiass” – (Tales “grandmother”) Portugal

Antonio Moura Santos – Hkllh- A Portuguese story by Vasconcelos Monteiro

Numbers on a popular legend in Portugal related to curse the birth of the seventh son born to a family with no daughters, says a folk belief seventh son would become half man and half beast (Lobizon) to attack humans.

A family of six sons born a seventh son named Philip, was born in a small village near a large forest where they believed residents of different beliefs, every night of the full moon, they were fearful creatures that are half human and half animal, that creature will come to the village and start devouring the residents. But how such a creature comes into being? The answer is simple: the curse on the seventh son born to each family. When his mother was pregnant Filipe She hoped her daughter would be born white and seventh but it did not happen, and she decided to love him with all her heart despite the curse.
Antonio Moura Santos - Hkllh- A Portuguese story by Vasconcelos MonteiroSo many years have passed safely. Filipe has grown to become a strong boy who loved his family and his six brothers which was treated with kid gloves afraid of the curse, is not sent to school and learn in spite of the boy loved learning was not allowed to make friends with other boys. Rarely sent a mission like buying bread and was told to be very careful. Even the boys in the village when they saw him overlooked. One night the moon being full, Flip who loved the moon broke out from his daughter sang and danced in the light. But each passing year she Flip felt more and more isolated and less and less happy. He had no friends and never played with other children, one controller, he asked his mother: “What’s so wrong with me? I’m not a bad boy so much. I do my chores does not pay. So why treat me so differently other children?
As he approached the fifteenth anniversary of his Filipe was sadder than ever. And longed to escape into the forest and return Laolm. Blit largest choice of his mother explained the cause of his troubles.” You are my seventh son, “she said,” and there is a curse upon you, my child. “Filipe was very confused.” What kind of curse? “He asked.
“On your birthday you fifteen become Lobizon creature that is half human and half wolf. Filipe know how to books and stories seem Lobizon brother. He did not want to be Lobizon. He did not want to be cruel, and he was not sure at all that it is an idea that will have long claws and thick fur all over his body.
In the evening fifteenth birthday was sad ten of his most ever. He sat up in bed in the dark and cried for himself. “I was always alone,” he thought. “I always was treated differently. And now I am cursed and turn to Lobizon. What should I do? All I wanted was to be treated like everyone else. All I ever wanted was to play in the woods with my friends admired the beautiful moonlight night.
Thinking looked Flip out his bedroom window and saw the rising moon the dark blue sky full of stars. It was a full moon and a big and beautiful that filled his heart with joy. Then something strange happened. He felt a throbbing in his stomach and itching all over his skin. And his mouth whining sound came out and he looked up at the moon and called to him as he had never done before. His body was covered with fur and nails, hands and feet became talons and ivory. His clothes were torn apart and fell to the floor at his feet. See the mirror in his own Flip the reflection of high wolf boy staring back at him and his red eyes gleaming in the dark.” So I Lobizon! “Read! And felt it was time to turn his back on his old life and embrace a new destiny.
Thus Flip” wolf boy “looked around and separate from his father and his mother and ran out into the woods, his heart full of hope for the future. When he reached deep into the forest, clearing, began to howl and jump and dance and laugh… And when he stopped to whine and dance around while Lobizon noticed younger and older congratulated him.” You’re home now, he said, and Flip replied, “I’m home,”and raised his head toward the full moon and howled with all his might. His mother was far away from the forest and listened to the howling Lobizon seventh smiled to herself that her son has finally found himself instead of having it accepted and joined his friends and live a long happy life