Antonio Moura Santos – At the end of Ibsh- Wala Portugal

Antonio Moura Santos – At the end of Ibsh- Wala Portugal

At the end of Ibsh- Wala Portugal “This is where ends land and begins the sea that has no end,” wrote national poet Luís de Camões in the 16th century that previously thought that the end of the European continent is the end of the world and this point was a place called “Capo di Rocca” (capo de roca) who came then sail the ocean will drown in the waves and whirlpools, none of the ships in ancient times did not dare to cross the line that connects the Mediterranean sea and the oceans until the arrival of the Portuguese.

Antonio Moura Santos - At the end of Ibsh

Portugal surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the ocean and in the center area of the boat wild de Astrlh are natural geographical boundary. Is a country boasting the discovery of countries and continents, becoming an empire of imports fall and get up, have a long history of occupation Christian and a Christian missionary overseas, occupying countries and establishes colonies, has heritage sites of Jewish forced, with Port wine famous cookies pastilles de Brake, cod fish, which is the national dish, Fado music with the “Queen of Fado” Amalia Rodrigues (1920-1999) was a Portuguese singer and actress, a famous poet Kmoas who lived in the 16th century, the greatest poet Fernando Pessoa modern (1888-1935) and Z’ozh Saramago (1922- 2010) is considered one of the greatest writers of Portugal. And Joanna Skonslos (b 1971) is the senior artists of Portugal Her work deals with a gender identity, class and nationality in different materials and challenges the routine of everyday life.

Portugal will find boutique hotels special were once palaces such hotels Aofinim Portugal and want to experience at least one when travelers Portugal, one is on the outskirts of Coimbra, Renaissance palaces that became within easy reach (Pousada), a boutique hotel offering accommodation special, I chose to present the Hotel Quinta das Lagrimas, thanks the location near the university town of Coimbra with the library’s special library live bats of all food is bookworms, as they protect the ancient books and the second reason is a crazy story of love and revenge of King Pedro found him a place in Harmon- near swimming “tears” perpetuates the tragedy occurred in the 14th century, the tragic story of Ines de Castro and King Pedro story reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet Italians. Inns Galician noble, illegal daughter of a Spanish noble Fortglit. * Comes from Portugal in 1340, as a servant to the wife of Pedro, heir to the throne of Portugal. Which falls Bains, causing political chaos with the consequences. Pedro causing intense love for his legal wife who were widowed in -1345, refuse to marry another woman. Inns bore him children, constituted a threat to the Portuguese crown. King Afonso 4 kills Ines and her children. Pedro has not forgiven nor forgotten. And as he took power in 1357, declared Bains legal wife, and he married her secretly. Tell the king ordered to remove the body from the grave and forced the courtiers to kiss the hand of Ines dead. Ines and Pedro are buried facing each Church of the Monastery of Santa Maria de Alkobash. (Mosteiro de Alcobaça), established in the 12th century by King Afonso after his victory over the Moors.

Many stories everywhere and anywhere space is limited in Portugal too small here, but some of them will show you the special places in the map of Portugal.

Aobidos tiny village in the 13th century to Dona Isabel as a wedding gift by King Don Dinis, where he drank the liquor Ginjinha cherries served in glasses made of chocolate. Nazar fishing town founded in the 12th century Knight chased after him on a hunt deer, deer jumped over the cliff, and Maria knight emerges vision and prevents him from jumping to his death. Following Hans established church dedicated to Mary of Nazareth. Fatima Mary revealed three children in front of the Mass in 1917 and after several revelations town was declared saint and her church was built in honor of Revelation where many people make a pilgrimage to the Virgin’s blessing. Tomar Templar city Afonso Henrique founded the first king of Portugal in the Church of the Monastery 12 “Knights of Our Lord Jesus Christ” that replaced the Knights Templar and the right to the funds of the Templars promoted the Church Age Htgliot. Bbatlih floor monastery to commemorate the battle that took place in Alz’obroth -1385 Portuguese with English Hiliim pushed the Spaniards, the first King Joao prayed to the Virgin Mary and promised to build a huge monastery if he wins. He kept the promise three years after the victory Dominican monastery was built. Two Fondador CAPELA Chapel DO FUNDADOR- is the common grave of Don Joao and his wife Philippa of Lancaster and the English tombs of four children including Henry the Navigator.

Countless marvelous else is the rooster became the symbol of Portugal, wherever you arrive in Portugal will see the rooster cartoon, who legend has occurred somewhere in the past when the pilgrim exhausted his way to Santiago de Compostela through Portugal, an old boarding house in a small town in northern Portugal and in the morning found robbed by a the lodge, pilgrim complained that the defendant was tried and sentenced to death himself, his last request before the hanging was to meet with the judge who sentenced him to death, the judge was busy with his dinner. The pilgrim said, “If there is justice in the world, a universe rooster and declare my innocence,” so it was roast chicken escaped from the plate and called a loon!, agitated judge overturned the verdict and released the pilgrim, from the moment it became rooster symbol of Portugal.